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Safety Face Mask Machine

P2 Respirator with Earloops Machine 


The NX-KCX38 is PPE Tech’s flagship model producing the universal shape, half face respirator with contour fit. Completely reengineered in 2020, this superior mask machine is perfect for any Australian or New Zealand manufacturer looking to enter the industry or upgrade their existing equipment. This machine is complete with moulds to start manufacturing many globally recognised respirators such as P2, N95, KN95, FFP2, DS2, 1st Class and more*


  • Produce masks up to five layers
  • Completely automated process from infeed to finished good
  • Capable of up to 40 masks per minute

Automation is key with the NX-KCX38, as the entire machining process is automatic from material feeding, through to nose wire insertion, earloop welding, folding, cutting and excess material disposal.

A physical operator is only required to:

  • Feed new material rolls once consumed
  • Oversee the production
  • Collect finished goods (if outfeed is not connected to automatic conveyor)
  • Perform batch tests as required by certification bodies

To produce one of the most superior masks on the market, choose PPE Tech’s exceptional range of non-woven fabrics. With first class machinery and materials, you can produce certified masks with particle filtration efficiencies exceeding 99%!


Machine Specifications

Production Capacity 25-40 masks/min
Power  15 kW
Ultrasound system

Back end group
Middle group
Front end group

15 kHz x1
20 kHz x2
15 kHz x1
Power supply 415 VAC / 50 Hz
Air Pressure 7.0 bar (350 Nl/min)
Machine Size 8500 x 1250 x 2000 mm
Weight 1800 kg



P2 Respirator with Headband Machine 

Similar to the flagship NX-KCX38 machine, this model creates the same profile for P2/N95/KN95* masks, however features different attachments; replacing earloops with headbands/straps.  

Headband/strap attachments are preferred in some industries or personal preference where masks are worn for prolonged periods throughout the day. This may include medical profesionals such as doctors and nurses, some manufacturing such as meat and food processors and other product handling. 


  • Specific attachment (headband) is popular with the medical industry
  • Completely automated process from infeed to finished good
  • Capable of up to 45 masks per minute


Machine Specifications

Production Capacity 40-45 masks/min
Power  10 kW
Machine Size 9200 x 1550 x 2200 mm
Weight 2500 kg


'Duck Bill' Mask Machine 



One of the more advanced, newer face mask designs, the 'duck bill' style boasts improved comfort and protective features. Due to its flat front chamber, breathability is vastly improved. Earloops are replaced with headband/straps extending over the head, rather than the ears. This headband attachment is proven popular with the medical industries where masks are worn for prolonged periods. 

One of the major benefits of the duck bill design is that it can still be classified as a P2/N95/KN95* mask to assist with trust and recognition. 



  • Produce masks up to five layers
  • Mask design increasing in popularity due to comfort and protection advantage
  • Smaller, compact design compared to most P2/N95 machines
  • Completely automated process from infeed to finished good

Machine Specifications


Production Capacity 30 - 40 masks/min
Power  5.3 kW
Control Mode PLC
Power supply 220V/380V 50 Hz
Air Pressure 6.0 bar 
Machine Size 4600 x 1800 x 1980 mm
Weight 800 kg




 *All markets have individual regulatory requirements. Whilst these machines will produce the desired shaped mask, before you market this product you may have to seek product lab testing and certification against the country’s standard and registration with its federal health agency such as the TGA or FDA.