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“How does this work / how do I order”

Can order directly online on our website with your credit card


     “Can I wash/reuse/how long can I wear these for?”

    • Masks are disposable
    • Recommended to change after 4 – 8 hours of continual usage

       “I only use for 1 hour per day, can I use for 5 days”

      Can split it up over the day but based on this usage it’s still recommended to replace every day.


        “Are these the same as N95/KN95”

        • N95 is the American performance standard
        • KN95 is Chinese
        • P2 is Australian/New Zealand
        • The masks are very similar to N95 and KN95, they’re just made here!


        “I’ve been using the blue surgical masks” 

        • Blue surgical masks are good in hospitals/operating theatres but when you’re out in the community they don’t provide a tight seal, with the gaps on the side.
        • A good P2 mask is tight-fitting with a good seal.


        “I’ve been using the cloth masks” 

        Cloth masks aren’t TGA registered, don’t contain the filter material, haven’t been rigorously tested, and don’t provide a tight seal.


          “Can these be used for….”

          Our masks are suitable for many different industries: healthcare, aged care, construction, masonry, hospitality, and electrical work.